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Kesar is from south India, and very common in Gujarat in particular. It is now grown on a wide commercial scale in India and is very widely recognized among people from there, many viewing it with the same special attachment associated with Alphonso. Unlike Alphonso though, Kesar is an Indian mango that appears to perform fairly well in the climate of south Florida where we grow it. 


The fruit is somewhat small, ovoid-oblong in shape, and develops yellow color with some small pinkish-red blush at maturity. The flesh is fiberless, very sweet and loaded with spice and terpenes. A truly exquisite Indian flavor. The seed is monoembryonic.


The trees are low-medium growers with spreading canopy, and quite manageable here. They are a mid-season mango in Florida ripening from late-June through July.


Flavor: Indian-Alphonso

Country: India

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