Langra Benarsi

Langra Benarsi

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There is a very famous mango in India that carries this name, but this mango we have in Florida known as ‘Langra Benarasi’ is not the same Langra found commonly in north and central India, and its true origin is unclear. This is a medium-sized round mango that develops extensive red blush at maturity.


The flesh is yellow with very light fiber, rich and sweet with a nice light resinous finish and some hints of ‘melon’. The fruit have a very short shelf life and should be harvested mature green and not allowed to tree ripen unless they will be consumed quickly to avoid going overripe. Production is average-to-good. The seed is monoemrbyonic.


The trees are very vigorous growers, with dense spreading canopy.


The fruit appear to be moderately or highly susceptible to bacterial spot and rot, and are too anthracnose prone for the deep interior as well.


Langra Benarasi is a mid-season mango ripening from late June into July.



Flavor: Classic

Country: India

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