Lemon Meringue (Po Pyu Kalay)

Lemon Meringue (Po Pyu Kalay)

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Po Pyu Kalay was introduced to Florida from Myanmar by Maurice Kong, and later given the name ‘Lemon Meringue’ by Gary Zill, which it is now more commonly known as.


It is a small, oval-oblong yellow mango with pale yellow, fiberless flesh with a very rich, sweet-citrus dominated flavor that most people adore. It is one of the most popular mangos among customers who try it, though its flavor can be ‘washed out’ in heavy rains. The seed is small and polyembryonic.


The trees are vigorous, vertical growers with dense foliage and are reasonably good producers.


Both the trees and fruit are anthracnose resistant, but they tend to attract a lot of pests and the trees can sometimes suffer dieback problems. The fruit are either moderately or very susceptible to bacterial black spot, and we have begun removing and top working some out of our program, though we haven't decided to eliminate it entirely.


Lemon Meringue is an early season mango, usually fruiting from May to July here.


Flavor: Citrus

Country: Myanmar

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