Little Gem

Little Gem

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This mango was a seedling of Julie from the breeding program of Gary Zill of Boynton Beach, FL (planting #29-26) that may have been a hybrid between Julie and Gary.


The fruit are very small, bearing in clusters on the original tree and consistently productive. Fruit size may be improved with thinning.


The fruit are round-oval in shape, greenish-yellow with a hint of red blush at maturity, with fiberless yellow flesh that has a flavor that can vary from classic to Indian/West Indian. We were reasonably impressed with the fruit in 2019.


The trees have a manageable spreading growth habit with open canopy and distinctive leaves that give the appearance of almost curling downward.

Little Gem is a mid-season mango ripening largely in July.


Flavor: Classic

Country: Florida-USA

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