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Lula was a seedling of ‘Taft’ and is thought to be a Mexican-Guatemalan hybrid.


It was planted by Lula Cellon in 1915 and fruited in 1919.


This avocado came to become the most important avocado of the commercial industry in south Florida before losing favor to new varieties later in the 20th century.


The medium-to-large fruit is green, pyriform in shape with pale colored flesh and a rather large seed. The eating quality is excellent, and Lula is probably one of the better Florida avocados, possessing a rich flavor with a touch of sweetness and fairly good oil content, enough to hold up for making guacamole.


The trees are vigorous growers but very productive and possess good cold tolerance (to the low 20sF or so).


Lula’s main drawbacks are the flesh-to-seed ratio and that fact that the fruit are prone to scab in humid areas. In addition to being a market fruit, Lula has often been used for rootstock among nurseries grafting avocados in Florida.


The tree produces A-type flowers and the fruit matures from October through December.


Race: Mexican-Guatemalan hybrid.

Flower type: A

Country: Florida - USA

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