Maha Chanok

Maha Chanok

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Maha Chanok is from Thailand and is thought to be a hybrid between the Ivory mango (aka Nang Klang Wang) and a Florida mango, the Sunset (presumably the Sunset from Bokeelia, FL, not Merritt Island). It is sometimes spelled 'Maha Chinook' or 'Maha Shanook'.


The fruit is oblong and tubular, medium in size, and kind of shaped like a hot dog.


The flesh is of medium-firmness, completely fiberless containing a thin monoembryonic seed, with a wonderful bouquet and delightfully sweet, floral flavor with enough of a tart component to balance it out and differentiate it from other Thai mangos such as Nam Doc Mai.


They have a long shelf life and turn yellow with gorgeous pink blush on much of the fruit when sun-exposed. Both the fruit and flowers have excellent resistance to anthracnose and will fruit well even in marginal interior areas. 


The major drawback of the tree is its lack of precocity: Maha Chanoks usually take a while to start producing fruit, frustratingly longer than other varieties (likely a trait inherited from ‘Ivory’). Once they start bearing though they are strong producers. 


The trees have a medium growth habit and spreading canopy. They generally grow slowly at first, but their pace of growth picks up after a few years and they have long internodes, so they are not “dwarf” trees by any means.


Maha Chanok is an early/mid-season mango in Florida, ripening from late-June through July most years. 




Flavor: Thai

Country: Thailand

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