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Originally known as ‘Manzanillo-Nuñez’, this mango is from Manzanillo, Colima state, Mexico, where it was first observed in 1972. Later it was introduced to both Florida and Hawaii, where it has become more common.

It is thought to be a Kent seedling, and the shape and color is similar. 


The fruit are round, medium-to-large in size, and turn a beautiful red rose color at maturity. The flesh is fiberless, with a mild classic group flavor and a small monoembryonic seed. 


The trees are only of medium vigour and have a vertical growth habit. They are a mid-season variety in Florida, but mature earlier than Kent, from late-June through July.


Manzanillo has produced well here but has proven unacceptably susceptible to rot diseases and was top worked in 2018.


Flavor: Classic

Country: Mexico

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