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Mapulehu is from Molokai, Hawaii and is also known as 'Joe Welch', the name of the man who planted the seed in 1929 at the property of the Hawaiian Sugar Planters association. It is speculated to have been a cross between the Pirie (see 'Bombay') and Haden. The Mapulehu received attention from horticulturalists in Hawaii due to its well-regarded eating quality but was found to perform poorly in wet areas so is largely confined to dry sections of the islands.


The fruit are ovately shaped, yellow and developing an orange/reddish blush. The flesh is fairly firm, with very minimal fiber, and has a very good Indian/West Indian flavor probably superior to that of Bombay.


The tree is a vigorous grower in Hawaii, though ours has actually grown only modestly. The growth habit appears spreading.


We received our Mapulehu tree by mistake, as it was supposed to be an Excel. We are happy to have this tree though as we really like its flavor and look forward to continuing to evaluate it in our climate. The tree was planted in 2017, bore its first fruit the next year and its first significant crop in 2019.

Flavor: Indian-West Indian

Country: Hawaii - USA

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