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This mango came from the breeding program of David Sturrock in West Palm Beach, FL and was a cross between an Edward and a Philippine mango. It was named ‘Mekong’ due to its resemblance to ‘Mango Mecongensis’, to which it has no relation.  

We have the original tree (and possibly only) on site.


The fruit are kidney shaped, yellow, and medium sized. The flesh is firm yet fiberless, orange in color and has a rather unique flavor that is like a Thai mango with a resinous component.

It contains a polyembryonic seed.


Some of our customers really enjoy this fruit’s unusual profile.

It has been a relatively steady producer and the fruit are very anthracnose resistant too. It also appears to be resistant to bacterial black spot.


Mekong is a mid-season mango usually ripening from late June through July.



Flavor: Thai-Egyptian

Country: Florida - USA

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