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Mexicola is a pure Mexican-type that started as a seedling planted around 1910 at a nursery called Coolidge Rare Plant Gardens in Pasadena, California.


Though too small to be grown commercially, the seed has often been used as a rootstock by nurseries producing avocados in California.


It was later introduced to Florida, and has been found it be very cold hardy, with mature trees tolerating temperatures down to 20F in central Florida.


The fruit is very small, pear shaped and with very thin edible skin that turns black at maturity.


The flesh is pale greenish colored and has a rich, nutty flavor with a touch of anise that can also be smelled in the leaves.


The trees are somewhat slow growers here but can produce quite well and don’t seem to mind the Florida climate. All things considered, Mexicola has done reasonably well in Florida and though the fruit is small, it’s a good option for people seeking a Mexican avocado flavor for a backyard tree.


The tree produces A-type flowers and matures its fruit during summer, July-August.


Race: Mexican.

Flower type: B

Country: California - USA

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