Nam Doc Mai Sia Tong

Nam Doc Mai Sia Tong

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This mango is sometimes referred to as the ‘Golden Nam Doc Mai’.

Unlike most Nam Doc Mais, Sia Tong’s fruit turns a bright yellow ‘golden’ color at maturity. 


The fruit are medium-sized, with the classic sigmoid-tapering shape associated with Nam Doc Mai. The flesh is light yellow, silky smooth and has the same flavor, with honeyed floral sweetness lacking any tartness or acid component. The seed is long, thin, and  polyembryonic.


Sia Tong trees are not as precocious as Nam Doc Mai #4, and tend to be more vigorous growers. However, their production is good, and Sia Tong fruit tend to split open less than the other versions of Nam Doc Mai.


Sia Tong has good disease resistance and fruited well in Loxahatchee Groves under high disease pressure.


Flavor: Thai

Country: Thailand

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