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Okrung (also spelled ‘Okrong’) is from Thailand, and is probably one of the sweetest mangos in the world.

It is a small oblong fruit that stays largely green at maturity with a tiny hint of red blush and yellow. The flesh is pale yellow, has some fiber, with a rather poor flesh-to-seed ratio. The flavor is sugar cane sweetness, with no acidity to balance it out. It contains a monoembryonic seed.


The trees are moderately vigorous with vertical growth habits. They are very un-precocious, often taking years to first flower. They do fruit well when they bloom though.


Okrung is a mid-season mango maturing late-June through July.


Okrung has good anthracnose resistance and will fruit in the interior, but it appears at least moderately-to-very susceptible to mango bacterial black spot and rot fungi.


Flavor: Thai

Country: Thailand

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