Oro Negro

Oro Negro

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Oro Negro is thought to be a complex hybrid, possibly holding genes from all three major avocado races.


It is speculated to be a cross between Monroe and a Mexican type, and was discovered by commercial grower Mike Hunt in his grove in Homestead, Florida in 1989.


The fruit has the elliptical shape of a Monroe, but turns black as it reaches maturity.


The flesh is yellow-green, with a creamy texture and a delicious rich nutty flavor. It is probably one of the best tasting of the Florida avocados.


The tree’s production has disappointed us thus far but we have harvested some fruit from it and hope for better productive seasons as it ages.


Oro Negro matures in fall and winter here.


The tree is a vigorous grower and produces B-type flowers.


Race: Mexican

Flower type: B

Country: Florida- USA

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