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Palmer was likely a Haden seedling selected in Miami, FL, planted around 1925.


It was recognized for its heavy production, beautiful color and relatively late season for the time. Commercial propagation began in the 1940s and Palmer received plantings in south Florida groves.


Later it was introduced overseas where it is grown commercially and was utilized in the Israeli mango breeding program.


The fruit are medium-to-large in size, oval-shaped and turn purple well before reaching maturity, sometimes leading to premature harvest. When the fruit ripen they turn red with yellow background color. The flesh is yellow, firm with minimal-to-no fiber. The flavor is mild, in the classic group, and can get washed out under wet conditions. The seed is monoembryonic.


The trees have a moderately vigorous, spreading growth habit with open canopy. They are heavy producers with good resistance to anthracnose, usually ripening from July to August.


Unfortunately, Palmer has severe problems with Neofusicoccum rot and we do not recommend its planting in south Florida due to this problem.


In 2018 we cut our Palmer back to a stump and top worked the tree.



Flavor: Classic

Country: Florida - USA

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