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This mango may be synonymous with ‘Stringless Peach’, though it isn’t truly “stringless”, containing a small amount of fiber. It may have originated in the Homestead area in the early 20th century and was probably derived from a turpentine-type mango. Peach became one of the more common mangos in south Florida for several decades, possibly because it could be grown from seed due to being  polyembryonic.  


The fruit are small, round shaped and turn yellow when ripe. The flesh is yellow with a moderately sweet peachy-classic flavor. The flesh-to-seed ratio is poor.


The trees are moderately vigorous growers with spreading habit. They are good producers though the fruit are too small for commercial utilization. We've found the fruit to be moderately-to-severly prone to bacterial spot.


They are early season, ripening from May to July in south Florida.



Flavor: Classic

Country: Florida-USA

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