Philippine was probably introduced to the US shortly after 1900 by way of Cuba, where it was commonly grown from seed due to being polyembryonic. The iteration grown here in Florida is the Carabao-type, the most popular mango in the Philippines, where it is grown on wide commercial scale.


The fruit are sigmoid-oblong, small, turning a solid yellow when ripe. The flesh is fiberless, soft, with a nice tropical-sweet Indochinese/Saigon type flavor, though the fruit often get over-looked due to their size. The fruit does get larger in the Philippines, leading some to question whether it is the same Carabao, but it is.


The fruit have excellent anthracnose resistance and have good resistance to bacterial spot and rot as well.


The trees are vigorous, vertical growers and highly un-precocious, taking a while to bloom for the first time. They also have an earned reputation for being alternate bearers, often fruiting well one year and poorly or not at all the next.


Philippine is an early season mango ripening from May-to-July. 


Flavor: Indochinese hybrid

Country: Philippine

Philippine (Carabao)

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