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Phoenix is an exceptional selection from the breeding program of Gary Zill of Boynton Beach, FL, and was a ‘Jakarta’ seedling (planting # C-26).  The tree was so named after the mythological Phoenix because it was cut back for removal but came back later and fruited.
The trees appear to be vigorous growers with vertical-oriented canopy. 
We planted several in 2017 and have a few grafted to Gary Zill’s experimental dwarfing rootstocks as well. 
The flavor of Phoenix has been difficult for us to classify but falls somewhere between classic and Indian flavor, with a strong subacid component to balance out its rich sweetness and having some resin present. Regardless, we consider Phoenix to be an elite flavored mango and one of the best of the newer varieties. We will continue to evaluate it's production in the coming years.
Flavor: Indian/West Indian
Country: Florida -  USA
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    Florida - USA

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