Pineapple Pleasure

Pineapple Pleasure

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This amazingly-flavored mango is from the breeding program of Gary Zill of Boynton Beach, FL (planting # 23-21). Its maternal parent was ‘Springfels’ and paternal parent ‘Gary’. 


The fruit are medium-to-large in size, ovoid with a rather ugly bumpy skin, turning a light yellowish green color at maturity with a small amount of red blush when grown close to the coast. The flesh is light-yellow, medium-firm, and fiberless.


The flavor is nothing short of awesome, with tremendous pineapple notes and acidity coupled with very high degree of sweetness.

We have measured Pineapple Pleasure fruits with brix ratings in the mid-20s, a testament to how sweet it can get. The fruit have good shelf life as well. They contain a large monoembryonic seed.


The trees are slow-to-medium vigor growers, with spreading habit and open canopy. Unfortunately the trees can be terrible producers when grown more than a few miles from the coast, often failing to fruit entirely due to anthracnose and powdery mildew susceptibility.


At our location in West Palm Beach, however, Pineapple Pleasure has produced reasonably well and owing to its extremely high popularity among customers, we intend to add more of it to our program.


It is a mid-season variety, fruiting primarily in July.


Flavor: Classic-acidic

Country: Florida-USA

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