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Rosa is from Brazil, where it grown on a considerable commercial scale and pronounced ‘HO-sa’. It has drawn some attention for being one of the earliest maturing varieties in Florida, typically having at least some spring-time fruit.  The trees are very sensitive to changes in weather patterns and flower very easily as a result.


It is an ovate shaped fruit developing a pretty pink-red blush well before ripening. The flesh is very firm, somewhat fibrous, and yellow. The seed is polyembryonic. Rosa’s flavor and aroma are strong, resinous and loaded with turpenes with moderate sweetness.


The trees have been slow growers for us and highly manageable. They are very anthracnose-prone however and probably not suitable for the interior, being more appropriately grown within a few miles of the ocean.


The fruit also appear to be at least partially susceptible to Neofusicoccum rotting fungi, so we are evaluating the impact on its yield. 


Rosa normally has two crops, one from March to April and a second from June to July. 


Flavor: Indian-West Indian

Country: Brazil