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Rosigold was selected in south Florida and has received considerable attention in the mango world due to its promotion by Fairchild Tropical Garden and their fruit program over the years. A 2005 USDA pedigree analysis indicated that ‘Ono’ was Rosigold’s likely parent and there is some physical resemblance between the two fruit. Rosigold is one of our earliest fruiting varieties thanks to its prolific flowering habit, almost always having their first ripe fruits during the spring months for us.


The fruit are oblong in shape, turning yellow at maturity with nice light red/pink blush covering about half the fruit when sun-exposed. The flesh is yellow, moderately firm, and completely fiberless, coming clean off the seed. The seed itself is polyembryonic. The flavor is in the classic group, with delightful stone fruit and peach notes.


The later-maturing Rosigolds are typically superior to the earliest fruit to ripen, but a March Rosigold is king when no other mangos are around!


The trees are slow growers with spreading growth habit and moderately dense canopy.

They are super easy to manage and make wonderful choices for backyard growers with minimal space.


The flowers and small fruit are very anthracnose prone however, so Rosigold isn’t a good choice for high-humid areas. Its early blooms in particular are most prone to anthracnose.


They are ultra-early season and typically have two crops, with one occurring from March to April and a second from May to July.


Flavor: Classic

Country: Florida - USA

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