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Rumani is from south India, and is grown on considerable commercial scale there. The fruit have a distinctive round/globular shape like an apple, and look similar to the Florida ‘Cushman’ cultivar.


The fruit turn a solid yellow when ripe, with firm, light yellow-colored fiberless flesh containing a small monoembryonic seed. They are small-to-medium sized. The flavor is very rich and sweet, in the classic flavor group and very enjoyable, somewhat comparable to ‘Edward’. 


The trees have a spreading, compact growth habit with dense canopy. Our Rumani has been extremely vigorous.


The tree flowers well, producing a solid white inflorescence and tending to set fruit on the distillate ends of its panicles. In India it is a heavy bearer and regarded as a ‘later’ mango but in Florida it is more mid-season, ripening in July for us.


Despite producing well, we think Rumani is a little too prone to bacterial black spot and rot here.


Flavor: Classic

Country: India

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