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Saigon is a name that was applied to a shipment of seeds sent to Florida from then-French Indochina by David Fairchild in 1902. 


The ‘Saigon’ we have was obtained from Fairchild Farm, from a tree grafted off of what was considered David Fairchild’s “original” Saigon.


This tree makes medium-to-large oblong shaped fruit that turn a light greenish-yellow color at maturity.


The flesh is yellow, fiberless, with an Indochinese-hybrid class flavor.

Other versions of Saigon grown from seed have seen some degree of variation, with some developing pink or red blush and smaller fruit of varying shape. Because it is polyembryonic, many Saigon trees in the early 20th century were grown from seed. 


Fairchild’s original Saigon is quite dwarfish in growth habit and very precocious, and fruits well in Homestead, FL.


We planted a small grafted tree in 2017 for evaluation and look forward to trialing it here. Thus far it has grown *very* slowly and may not be ready to fruit until the 2021 season. It does appear to be a true dwarf.


Flavor: Indochinese hybrid

Country: Vietnam

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