San Felipe

San Felipe

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This mango is from Cuba, but most Cubans have never heard of it. It was probably a seedling of Haden or Kent, and has received some publication largely due to its promotion as a ‘Curator’s Choice’ cultivar by Fairchild Garden for their mango festival several years .


It is a medium-to-large, round-shaped fruit developing beautiful red skin blush with some yellow background color appearing as it ripens. The flesh is very firm, fiberless, and contains a small monoembryonic seed. The flavor is very mild, in the classic group, and The fruit seem to have a prolonged shelf-life.


The trees are vigorous growers, with open canopy and somewhat vertical growth habit. They flower well and tend to bunch-set fruit on the distillate ends of their panicles.


Anthracnose resistance is poor in the interior and it struggled to fruit in Loxahatchee for us, but fruits very well in West Palm Beach. Unfortunately We have discovered that San Felipe is very prone to Mango Bacterial Black Spot.


San Felipe is a mid-season mango in south Florida, ripening from late June through July.


Flavor: Classic

Country: Cuba

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