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Seacrest was an ‘Edward’ seedling from the breeding program of Gary Zill in Boynton Beach, FL (planting # 40-36), with ‘Gary’ as its likely pollen parent. It was named after Seacrest Blvd, a road running between the communities of Lantana and Delray Beach. The Zill nursery now propagates it under the name 'Triplesec'.


The fruit are medium sized, yellow at maturity, with fiberless flesh of *outstandingly* rich and sweet flavor with some Gary-type citrus notes and spice character. We are excited about this mango’s potential and have planted several of them for evaluation purposes. 


The trees look to be very vigorous growers and have produced well for Gary and Walter Zill.


Seacrest appears to be a mid-season cultivar in Florida.


Flavor: Classic-citrus

Country: Florida - USA

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