Spirit of 76

Spirit of 76

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This mango was a natural cross between Haden and Zill, selected by the Zill family in Boynton Beach, FL. It received its name because the tree first fruited during the US Bicentennial in 1976. 


The fruit is medium-sized, oval in shape, and has beautiful red blush long before reaching maturity, at which point it develops some yellow background color. The flesh is yellow, fiberless, soft, and contains a monoembryonic seed.


The flavor is very good, belonging to the classic group with some distinctive citrus notes to go along with peach and stone fruit flavors. In fact Spirit of 76 is one of the most widely enjoyed mangos by customers and we often receive positive feedback from people who try them. Unfortunately, their shelf life is poor and they can go over-ripe fast. 


The trees are low-to-medium vigor growers, with somewhat vertical but trainable growth habit and open canopy. They are too anthracnose prone for the deep interior but perform acceptably <10 miles inland. They are merely average producers however, and they have had some issues blooming in warmer winters. On a positive note, Spirit of 76 does appear to be very resistant to bacterial black spot of the fruit, despite the foliage being prone.


The fruit ripen from late June through July. 


Flavor: Classic-acidic

Country: Florida - USA

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