ST Mauii

ST Mauii

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ST Maui originated in Hawaii and was evaluated by the University of Hawaii’s research program under the name S-T (which is someone’s initials, not an abbreviation for ‘saint’). No literature exists describing it but we speculate White Piri was in its parentage. It did not receive recommendation from UH but was sent to Florida by Richard Hamilton. 


The fruit are round in shape, medium sized, developing striking red blush with green/yellow background at maturity. The flesh is firm, fiberless, and light yellow, often displaying unusual (but harmless) white spots. The flavor is tremendous and very unique, with a sweet and resinous spice character and a detectable note of guava fruit. The seed is monoembryonic.


Though it is difficult to classify, It probably belongs in the Indian/West Indian flavor group, and It’s one of our favorite tasting mangos, with a nice shelf life as well. 


The trees are extremely vigorous growers with spreading growth habit and dense canopy, not suitable for small yards.


They have medium anthracnose tolerance, and set fruit well when they flower. They are not precocious trees though, and have had only partial blooms during warm winters.


Still, we feel ST Maui is a special mango. We are evaluating it for resistance to the newer diseases and so far it is holding up well.

It is a mid-season variety in Florida, maturing mostly in July.


Flavor: Indian/West Indian

Country: Hawaii-USA

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