Sugarloaf/Zill E-4

Sugarloaf/Zill E-4

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This mango was an Edward seedling from the breeding program of Gary Zill in Boynton Beach, FL. Either ‘Gary’ or ‘Pettigrew’ may have been its pollen parent, though Pettigrew seems likely due to physiological traits.


The fruit are rather ugly, obliquely oval in shape with a greenish-yellow color at maturity. The flesh is light yellow, soft, fiberless, and can sometimes ripen unevenly.  On the underripe side the flavor is pineapple-esque, while on the ripe-er side is an incredible coconut explosion with a strong dessert-like sweetness. We think it tastes like the inside of a Mounds candy bar. The seed is polyembryonic and often aborted inside the husk.


We have planted several trees and top worked other trees into E-4 for further evaluation. The growth habit is low-to-moderate and spreading, with open canopy.


In 2018, it was given the name 'Sugarloaf' by Gary Zill, a reference to Sugar Loaf pineapple.


Flavor: Coconut

Country: Florida - USA

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