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There are two ‘Sunset’ mangos in Florida: one from Bokeelia, Pine Island that we call the ‘Frank Adams Sunset’ described herein, the other from Merritt Island which we do not yet have.


The Frank Adams Sunset is estimated by pedigree analysis to have been a cross between Haden and Amini , and was described by the Florida Mango Forum in the 1950s. It was planted at the Tropical Research Center in Homestead in the 1940s and has survived in the collection of Fairchild Garden. 


The fruit are small-to-medium-sized, oval in shape, turning yellow-orange at maturity.vThey have a firm, fiberless yellow flesh with a monoembryonic seed. The flavor is of the classic group, rich and sweet with a hint of sweet melon.


The trees are moderately vigorous, upright growers and have a reputation for producing well.  Our Sunset has grown rather slowly since planting but has had several moderate-sized crops the last several years.


It is an early-season variety in Florida, ripening from June to July.


Flavor: Classic

Country: Florida - USA

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