Super Julie/Fairchild Ruby/J-12

Super Julie/Fairchild Ruby/J-12

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This mango was a seedling of Julie from the breeding program of Gary Zill in Boynton Beach, FL (planting # J-12) and shows great promise. Richard Campbell had originally given it the name ‘Fairchild Ruby’ but this name is confusing because there is already a Fairchild mango and a Ruby mango (see previous descriptions), so it has been re-named ‘Super Julie’.


It is a small-to-medium sized fruit, oval shaped developing a beautiful ref color at maturity with light green/yellow background. The flesh is soft, fiberless, orange in color containing a monoembryonic seed.The flavor is deliciously rich and outstanding, in the Alphonso-group with abundant spice character and dessert-like sweetness. Its somewhere in between Julie and Carrie in flavor profile, yet superior to both in sweetness,with a brix in the 20s.  We consider Super Julie to be one of the finest examples of the Indian-Alphonso flavor group.


The tree is a *very* vigorous grower with spreading open canopy. It appears to possess above average anthracnose resistance and can fruit in humid areas. Unfortunately, the fruit have proven to be quite prone too mango bacterial black spot and losses have been high.


Super Julie is a mid-season mango maturing from late June through July.


Flavor: Indian-Alphonso

Country: Florida - USA

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