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This mango is from Egypt, and is sometimes spelled ‘Tymour’. In Egypt it has fallen out of favor due to susceptibility to mango malformation disease. Based on conversations with Egyptian clients, we have reason to doubt whether this tree is the real Taymour. The budwood was obtained from the USDA.


The fruit are ovate in shape, small-to-medium size, turning a light yellow color at maturity, some with a minor amount of pinkish blush. The flesh is yellow, soft, and completely fiberless. A truly freestone fruit. The flavor is very sweet and contains many terpenes, reminiscent of Bombay.


It is a vigorous grower with long internodes, which we’ve been able to train into an outward spreading habit so that the tree is about twice as wide as it is tall.

It has struggled to bloom during mild winters and doesn’t look like it will be a strong producer here, which is unfortunate because its eating quality is excellent. However, the tree has borne at least some fruit going back several years, so it earns some credit for consistency.


Taymour a mid-season mango here ripening in July.


Flavor: Indian/West Indian

Country: Egypt

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