Thai Everbearing

Thai Everbearing

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As the name suggests this mango is from Thailand. It is not truly ‘everbearing’ but is capable of throwing off-season bloom and producing some off-season fruit, not unlike ‘Chokanon’.


The fruit are very small, turpentine-sized, turning yellow at maturity with a little orange blush. The flesh is fiberless, yellow, and contains a polyembryonic seed.  The flavor is of the Thai sort with just a small amount of resin, mostly floral honey notes.

Despite being nicely flavored they often get overlooked due to their size.


The tree is a somewhat slow grower with spreading habit. It has produced reasonably well for us, but we wouldn't grade the production heavy especially when you consider the size of the fruit.

The fruit have good resistance to anthracnose and haven't had any trouble with bacgterial black spot or rot either.


‘Thai Everbearing’ is primarily early season, ripening from June to July.


Flavor: Thai

Country: Thailand

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