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This mango is speculated to have been a cross between a ‘Valencia Pride’ and ‘Carrie’ mango, and was selected as a random seedling by the Zill family in Boynton Beach, FL.

It has an oblong shape, medium-sized and turning a light yellow at maturity.


The flesh is soft, orange-yellow in color and fiberless, containing a monoembryonic seed.

It has a strong aroma and the flavor itself is very strong, with similar terpenes to the ‘Carrie’ but a little sweeter and spicier, to such a degree that some people find it overwhelming. Sometimes it can also taste like bubblegum. However, many people from India and the West Indies really love its interesting Alphonso-class flavor.


The trees are typically moderately vigorous growers, though we have a producing 6+ year old tree that is still quite small. Their growth habit is somewhat upright but can be trained. ‘Val-Carrie’ is an under-planted mango that often goes forgotten, and we are evaluating it for its long-term production traits.


The fruit have good anthracnose and bacterial spot resistance and better shelf life than ‘Carrie’. ‘Val-Carrie’ is an early season mango, ripening from June to July here.


Flavor: Indian-Alphonso

Country: Florida - USA

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