Valencia Pride

Valencia Pride

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A member of the classic Florida mango group, Valencia Pride originated as a ‘Haden’ seedling planted  in Miami, FL in 1937, fruiting in 1941. It was quickly recognized for its attractive appearance, good flavor and production traits and propagation began in the 1940s resulting in it becoming a common backyard mango over a period of decades.


The fruit are large and wide, oblong-sigmoid shaped, with yellow background color and pinkish blush covering much of the fruit well before maturity. The flesh is firm, light yellow, with only scanty fiber, containing a monoembryonic seed. The flavor is of the classic sort, medium sweet with light stone fruit and honey character. The sweetness can vary considerably year to year on Valencia Pride.


The trees have an earned reputation as fast, vigorous growers with vertical growth habit and open canopy. They must be trained well and not overfed to keep their size in check.


Due to this factor Valencia Pride is a poor choice for people who require a small tree, but they can provide excellent shade. They have very good anthracnose resistance and will even fruit well in the humid western communities of Palm Beach county.


They can be alternate bearers for some, but have been steady and good producers for us. Sometimes the fruit can be prone to splitting open on the tree, particularly after heavy rainfall.


They are a midseason mango, ripening primarily from late-June into August.  


Flavor: Classic

Country: Florida - USA

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