This mango is from Valledupar, Colombia, and was originally being called ‘Manzano’. It was introduced to Florida in 1991 by Carl Campbell and has received some attention is the US after being named a ‘Curator’s Choice’ mango by Fairchild Tropical Garden on several occasions.


The fruit are oval, small, and turn a crimson red color with yellow background at maturity. The flesh is firm, yellow, with some fiber containing a polyembryonic seed. The flavor is mild and sweet, in the classic group and comparable to ‘Irwin’. 


The trees are vigorous growers with spreading, open canopy and have good anthracnose resistance. Production tends to be very good.


Vallenato is a early-season mango in Florida, ripening from June to July.


We planted a small tree in 2017 for evaluation. It is large enough to fruit in 2020.


Flavor: Classic

Country: Colombia


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