Wester (Edward x Earle #15)

Wester (Edward x Earle #15)

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This mango was an Edward seedling selected by David Sturrock from his breeding program begun in the 1950s in West Palm Beach, FL and was originally labelled ‘Edward x Earle #15’, a designation which is still carries at TREC in Homestead. It was named after P.J. Wester who once headed the USDA’s Plant Introduction facility in Miami. The pollen parent was a Philippine-Carabao type called the ‘Earle’.


The fruit is oblong, medium sized, and turns dull yellow at maturity.The flesh is soft, yellow, fiberless, and contains a polyembryonic seed. The flavor is of the Philippine/Indochinese group, mild with soft floral notes and a small bit of acidity.


The fruit is highly resistant to anthracnose, and doesn't have problems with bacterial spot either.


The trees are medium vigor growers with spreading habit and open canopy. The production is fairly good and the fruit ripen mid-season from late June through July.


Flavor: Indochinese

Country: Florida - USA

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