White Piri

White Piri

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White Piri is from Hawaii, and presumably derived from the Indian Pirie (aka Pairi or Paheri, which may also be synonymous with the Jamaican ‘Bombay’).

It is a larger fruit than the regular Pirie though and has a distinctive, superior flavor. It is one of the most commonly grown mangos in Hawaii after ‘Haden’.


The fruit is medium-sized, round in shape similar to ‘Kent’, and turns yellow with beautiful pastel red and orange blush at maturity. The flesh is yellow, medium-firm, and fiberless with a lovely aroma, containing a monoembryonic seed. The flavor is fantastic, wonderfully rich and sweet with abundant spice notes and a resin component reminiscent of ‘Bombay’. 


White Piri has a deep, complex flavor with a lot going on. It has become one of our favorite mangos and we have received great feedback on it from customers.


The trees have been relatively slow growers for us, with spreading and open growth habit.

They do not appear to be as vigorous as regular Pairi/Bombay trees, and seem to flower younger.

Based on reports it is not anthracnose resistant in Hawaii and is probably not a mango well suited for the humid interior areas of south Florida, but it seems to perform well near the coast. 


The fruit themselves are anthracnose resistant and have not been bothered by bacterial black spot either; White Piri’s only disease issue here seems to be powdery mildew on its flowers.


The fruit ripen mid-season during July. 


Flavor: Indian/West Indian

Country: Hawaii - USA

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