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Zebda is from Egypt, where it is very widely grown and often used at the very ripe stage for making drinks and processing.


The fruit are medium-sized, ovately shaped, turning a dull yellow color when ripe, often staying light green when grown inland. The flesh is very soft, melting, fiberless, with a floral syrupy flavor found in several other Egyptian varieties. It contains a polyembryonic seed.  The fruit have good shelf life when harvested green.


The tree is a vigorous grower with spreading, dense canopy.


Production would be good if the tree flowered regularly, but like other Egyptian cultivars it hasn’t done so frequently in the warm winters we’ve experienced the last several years.


Zebda does has very good anthracnose resistance though and successfully fruited for us in humid Loxahatchee. It is a mid-season variety here, ripening from late June into July.


Flavor: Thai-Egyptian

Country: Egypt

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