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Zill-80 is thought to have been a ‘Kent’ seedling, and was selected by the Zill family in Boynton Beach, FL, so named because it first fruited in 1980. It was grafted by the Zill nursery for some time in the 1980s but later discontinued. In the 1990s Gary Zill used Zill-80 as one of the maternal parents for his breeding project, and it is a parent of several newer cultivars including Fruit Punch, 36-8 (India/Super Alphonso), Carla, Marlys, Crystal, and others.


The fruit are large, roundly shaped, developing yellow color with bright red blush at maturity. The flesh is firm, fiberless, and yellow, containing a monoembryonic seed. The flavor is in the classic-acid group and very delicious, with mixed notes of citrus and peach and a very tangy component that many people enjoy. 


The fruit can sometimes has issues with uneven ripening for some. 


The trees are moderately vigorous growers with spreading dense canopy.They have good anthracnose resistance and produce fairly well.


Unfortunately it is likely Zill-80 possesses at least some susceptibility to bacterial spot and rot fungi, the extent to which we are still attempting to verify. We planted a small tree in 2017 for evaluation. It fruited in 2019 and did display susceptibility to MBBS. We will continue evaluating it to determine whether we will be continuing with it in our program.


Zill-80 is a late season mango ripening from late July  through primarily August.


Flavor: Classic-acidic

Country: Florida - USA

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