Zill Indochinese (Zinc)

Zill Indochinese (Zinc)

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This mango was selected by the Zill family in Boynton Beach, FL and was probably a chance seedling of ‘Cambodiana’, possibly with a Florida-Indian type as another parent.Though named ‘Zill Indochinese’, it is commonly shortened to ‘Zinc’. It is a parent of a number of mangos released from the Zill breeding program in recent years.


The fruit is small-to-medium-sized, round in shape, turning light yellow at maturity with a small amount of blush at the top. The flesh is firm, yellow, with an Indochinese aroma very similar to that of ‘Cambodiana’, containing a monoembryonic seed.


The flavor is very good, in the Indochinese-hybrid group with bright floral sweetness coupled with an acid component to balance it out. Some people describe it as a little “chalky” but we like it very much. They can sometimes encounter issues with uneven ripening particularly if left to ripen on the tree.


The trees are moderately vigorous growers with spreading, open canopy. They and their fruit have good resistance to anthracnose and produce at a moderate rate. 


Zinc is not currently propagated commercially though so trees may be hard to come by.

It is a mid-season variety and the fruit ripen from July to August.


Flavor: Indochinese hybrid

Country: Florida - USA

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    Indochinese hybrid

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    Florida - USA

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