Zill M-4

Zill M-4

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This mango was a ‘Keitt’ seedling from the breeding program of Gary Zill in Boynton Beach, FL. ‘Gary’ was its likely pollen parent. 


The fruit has a strong delicious flavor belonging in the coconut group. It is round in shape, medium sized with a light-colored, soft fiberless flesh. The seed is small and polyembryonic. The tree is a moderately vigorous, spreading grower.


The original tree is a heavy producer some years but has been an alternate bearer, and until recently there have been no other producing trees to observe. We have several producing trees now and while we love the flavor of the M-4, we have already observed that the fruit is at least somewhat prone to bacterial black spot and rot, perhaps signfiicantly so. We will continue to evaluate it going forward but are reluctant to add more of them to our program at the moment.


It is very late season, ripening from August through September. 



Flavor: Coconut

Country: Florida - USA

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